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Ode to Tom Wolfe

In 1976, I found myself in the odd and precariously uncomfortable position of photo editor of Down the Line, a tabloid magazine edited and produced by Michael Tomson and Patrick Lee. My title sounded grandiose but in truth, it mean that I would spend many nights in the kitchen of my Botanic Gardens Road in the dark and with  Jenny, processing rolls of film and printing loads of black and white 8 by 10s.

Island Man

Johnny Coconut’s piece about tripping through the Mentawais


A collection of random pics

Back to the Coast

I packed my gear the night before and undetected, escaped from the old age home in the early hours of the morning, and headed for North Beach where I met the team.

Not quite true but almost. I was so pumped to go back to the coast, a movie I’ve neglected for far too long. Arriving at the break, and seeing the lump from the fullish tide, I remembered the perfectly groomed waves at Kelly’s Surf Ranch all over the net the night before.


I’ve been shooting fashion for decades. Here’s a small sample.

Retro Gallery

A collection of pictures that hopefully define an era when surfing was being established as a bona vide sport. check out some of the protaganists.

40 years of Tear Sheets

This is where the work on the beach and in the water landed over the years of working for magazines around the globe.

Masters of the Twinny.

July 1981. At the start of the Thruster revolution, twin fins were the go across the planet.

Potter cut his teeth on the twinny. Stussy switched California onto his special brand of twin fin. In Newcastle Australia the illustrious Mark Richards was all over them. Shaun Tomson, the king of the round pin single fin, even had a couple secretly stashed at Cheron’s place at Supers that winter.

Surf Gallery

A collection of random pics from the recent past.

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Surfer Mag Gallery

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