1. Refrain from reading mass media opinions on political issues and politicians. Because these conglomerates are really all about ratings and advertising income. And remember that politics is just a fucking merry go round with flawed self servers stepping on and off. An evil playground thing thats been switched on for generations.

When you get to my age you realise you just don’t have the time for such idiocy.

2. Populists who might masquerade as champions of the people, who flick shiny objects in the sun and sing the songs that the downtrodden want to hear. Give them the attention they deserve. Keep seeing through them and discounting them for what they are. Shit heads.

3 Beware of those limousine liberals who fein left when in the spot light, speaking  for the hungry at their sumptuous dinners/fundraisers. 

4. Avoid at all costs the hollow holy, whose sanctimoniousness is always couched in self-righteousness and self service.

5 Associate with people who help others materially, spiritually and with compassion. Hand to hand, on the ground without seeking recognition. Join them and try to be like them everyday.

6. Look after my own. Family and true friends are my greatest blessings. Support, uplift, be a sounding board and facilitator of their dreams and aspirations. Try to listen to their advice, they know me better than anyone.

7. Continue to see religious extremism for what it is – madness at its vilest.

8 Be less angry and more understanding of people who have opposing views. Be sure, you’ll never change their minds. Remember that deeds speak louder than words.

9. Appreciate the wonders of nature. Acknowledge the good in people as one of those wonders.

10. Most importantly look to God for all answers. The questions I ask are usually the answers I need to know.