I’ve long since abandoned the idea that seeing my photos and stories in magazines, somehow validates what I do. I’ve chased that particular dragon for a few decades, scored a few, but always disliked the fact that someone else had the final choice as to which of my pictures became ink on paper. So starting soon, myself and a few other like minded vaqueros are putting a whole new thing together that will liberate and renumerate our efforts. Watch this space.

My Other Websites

South African Surfing Legends

Inspire, develop and mentor future generations of surfers through the celebration of our rich surfing heritage.

Kitchen Window

Kitchen Window is hopefully the conduit through which these stories, waves and ideas will reach those interested in looking a little deeper into the heart of South Africa surfing.

Full Frame

John Pauling and Patrick Flanagan are presenting a four part photography workshop in Durban in early November. The course is specifically designed to cater to all levels of photographers. Bring your cameras and lenses, we’ll be doing practical assignments on the course.